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Since 2008, Carrie Ann Kelen has been treating horses with issues such as wounds, body soreness, tendon/ligament tears, range of motion issues, accident recovery, white line disease, EPM & Lyme recovery, arthritis, splints, scar tissue reduction, etc. Her extensive education and work experience have prepared her to address almost any issue your horse can develop.


Results Equine Therapy works with all breeds, levels, and disciplines. Alongside retired mounts and pasture ornaments our international client list includes USDF medalists, 4* eventers, and iconic Olympic mounts. We treat horses in all performance levels and are available to travel to competitions. Every new case to Results Equine Therapy is important, unique, and compelling because every case is another opportunity to help a horse in need.


Along with therapeutic and deep tissue massage, Results Equine Therapy offers several modalities that combine to treat the whole horse. The techniques utilized are designed to stimulate the natural healing response and cultivate positive change. These techniques are used extensively by human athletic trainers and physical therapists, but only a few equine therapist are trained to use them on horses. Visit our services page to see how your horse could benefit from our therapies.


Carrie Ann Kelen
Professional Equine Therapist

Carrie Ann Kelen graduated from Midway University in Kentucky where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Equine Studies with a concentration in Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation. In addition to her intensive course work at Midway University, she completed a comprehensive internship with the foremost Equine Therapist in the country, Mimi Porter and her colleague, Monica Martins. After graduation in 2008, she and her husband moved to Aiken and established Results Equine Therapy. In her free time, Carrie enjoys riding her 2002 Warmblood/Arabian cross, hiking, traveling, and family time.

Peter Kelen

Peter Kelen graduated from Kentucky University with a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy. He also holds a Culinary Arts Degree and has experience in health care. When available, he will assist during Results Equine Therapy treatment sessions, acting as an extra set of eyes and hands. He enjoys working outside, traveling, scuba diving, eating good food, and family time.


Results Equine Therapy

From Eventing four star horses to the local equine rescue, Carrie Ann and her team are actively involved in the community and top levels of the sport to assist horses with her valuable experience.

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Aiken Equine Rescue: Carrie Ann and Peter Kelen with Jim Rhodes

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Ryan Wood: Client at Rolex 2016 Event

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Lillian Heard: Rolex 2016 team support Carrie Ann

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Ultrasound Therapy The strongest therapy offered by Results Equine Therapy

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Colleen Loach: Riding Qorry Blue d’Argouges at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Client of Results Equine Therapy.

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Peter Barry and team: Olympic and 4* Event Rider, client of Results Equine Therapy.


Therapy goals are often achieved through multiple sessions over time. Treatments can vary in time and intensity depending on the issues addressed.

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